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Last week, Alex and I were invited to speak at a school where many US teams have had the privilege to visit: Scoala Gimnaziala Remetea. Meaning, the elementary school in Remetea. Here we were greeted by familiar faces of students (some kids pointed toward us and said, "Those two were here before!") and teachers. One particular teacher, Mrs. Camelia Florea, has always welcomed us to her class and on this particular occasion, asked us and several others in the non-profit field to speak about bullying for an anti-bullying campaign she started in her school. The whole anti-bullying thing is relatively new to Romania, but one thing that is not new and has been around is the golden rule: treat oth

Why International Women’s Day?

Today is International Women’s Day; a day—all around the globe—to celebrate the women in our lives whom we love and cherish. It is also a day to remind us that every day we should seek to “eliminate oppression . . . respect the vulnerable and value the equal significance of people before God.” writes Elaine Storkey in a 2016 article for Christianity Today. She asserts, “Teachings throughout the Scriptures, not least in the prophetic tradition of the Hebrew Scriptures” reflect these objectives. REMM, through the ministry of Casa Josef, has raised eight little girls into empowered young ladies. But, we didn’t do it alone. Many people extended a helping hand; truly believing these girls matter,

Martisor a Celebration of Spring

Every March 1st you'll see market places, convenience stores, old city centers brimming with displays of red and white bracelets. Usually they have some sort of pendant attached--anything from a kitschy dolphin to a hand painted flower on piece of ceramic. And yes, even The Bridge will make fondant bracelets to decorate a piece of cake. That's because it's "Martisor" or "Little March"--a celebration of spring commemorated with a red and white bracelet. Back in the olden days, it would serve as a good luck charm and bring the wearer of the bracelet health and happiness. You'd pin it on your chest, close to your heart on March 1st until the last day of March where you'd tie it to twig of a fru


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