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Help for Ukraine

REMM family, thank you, thank you, thank you. Your generosity and prayers have helped us help our neighbors in Ukraine. Through our amazing partners we've purchased + delivered truck-loads of mattresses, blankets, food + water and other essential items to the frontlines. We've helped transport and accommodate refugees in Romania, Moldova & Ukraine. 

Currently, we are hosting 48 people (34 of which are babies/children) at our main headquarters at the clinic and Casa Josef. Casa Josef is very spacious, but it needs a bit of work. 

Please consider supporting us in making Casa Josef a refugee center for those seeking housing. As of now, their stay is long-term. 


Our immediate needs are:

  • paying utilities (heat, water, gas, electricity) for both Casa Josef + clinic

  • providing food, clothing, hygiene products + other essential items

  • purchasing washing machines

  • purchasing new refrigerators + stove/oven 

  • renovating large dining hall into a living/dining area to provide a more home-like feel

  • renovating bathrooms (separating showers from toilets for privacy)

  • repairing the roof 

  • purchasing additional beds + mattresses

We are fortunate that Casa Josef (which was home to abandoned children for over 20 years) can now provide a safe home for those fleeing Ukraine. We don't know how long this war will last or how long their displacement will be, but we are here to offer them safe refuge, however long that may be. 

We are grateful for the outpouring of support. It is only because of this support that we can provide hope to some whose lives have been completely uprooted. 

--REMM team

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