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The delivery of the AGAPE Boxes started this week and will continue into the week before New Years. Food and supplies were purchased, boxes packed. However, before we delivered the first set of AGAPE Boxes to needy families, I read up on the word Agape again. In the English language we have just the word "love" to mean love, whereas in Greek there are several to mean different kinds of love. Agape means charity, a selfless love dedicated to the well-being of others. I have the honor to help deliver the boxes, but I wanted to match its name: Agape. In my heart, did I love these people, did I genuinely want the well-being of these people? Of course, the short answer is yes. But the long answer is, does that love transcend everything? Maybe we had absolutely nothing in common, certainly not our socio-economic status. Maybe we had nothing to connect us, nothing to keep the conversation going, but the sheer fact that we are human. And as humans we need each other, we need love and no amount of differences can keep us apart. And if you find that place in your heart, the place where you know you need others just as much as they need you, there you find AGAPE.

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