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After the Tempest

Sunday, September 17, 2017 a terrible storm ripped through western Romania creating chaos from Timisoara to near the border of Ukraine. And Beius was directly in its path. By Sunday evening, eight deaths and over 67 injuries had been reported (that number will undoubtedly rise).

The photos in this post are from Peter as he surveyed the damage done.

Please pray for the people of this region. Many suffered devastating losses and most, like REMM, are uninsured.

Please pray for Peter and Ana as they begin the difficult work of cleanup and restoration. Many of our ministry partners and friends are in the same situation and also need your prayers.

And, please join them in the effort by donating to REMM's General Fund which will give them the flexibility to meet needs as they arise or donate to our designated Storm Clean Up Fund which will be specifically used to cover the costs of repair and cleanup. We hope to raise enough money to help others as well. Thank you for your generosity!

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