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Delivery for ???

Delivery for?

There are many families we have helped over the years, some we have continually helped and some who are no longer in need of Agape boxes.

But with 45 boxes to deliver, we had to find more families to aid.

We drove away from Beius to villages deeper in the hills, on windier roads. We'd slow down around houses that seemed a bit rundown. Sometimes they were abandoned, but sometimes there was smoke coming out of the chimney or animals in the courtyard.

Alex would go first to see if they wanted a box of pantry staples.

Almost every response after the inevitable "yes", was "but who are you guys?!"

"We are just a couple of people delivering boxes from a Christian organization in Beius. Some generous people from America paid for these boxes."

And then they wanted to repay us, however they could. With cheesy fried dough fresh from the frying pan. An elderly lady who couldn't get out of bed said she had only two lei (roughly 50 cents) left in her wallet. She wanted to give us all the money she had.

I think these were some of the best Agape boxes I have personally delivered. Everyone was caught off guard, even us--we had no idea who we would deliver the boxes to, if people would even let us into their homes, and dare I say a bit into their hearts. But they did, and it won't be the last time, I think.

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