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Last week, Alex and I were invited to speak at a school where many US teams have had the privilege to visit: Scoala Gimnaziala Remetea.

Meaning, the elementary school in Remetea. Here we were greeted by familiar faces of students (some kids pointed toward us and said, "Those two were here before!") and teachers.

One particular teacher, Mrs. Camelia Florea, has always welcomed us to her class and on this particular occasion, asked us and several others in the non-profit field to speak about bullying for an anti-bullying campaign she started in her school.

The whole anti-bullying thing is relatively new to Romania, but one thing that is not new and has been around is the golden rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. That most golden of all rules was mentioned one way or another by the students, the guest speakers, the teachers, everyone.

In fact, I'm not sure you could end bullying any other way.

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