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Why International Women’s Day?

Today is International Women’s Day; a day—all around the globe—to celebrate the women in our lives whom we love and cherish. It is also a day to remind us that every day we should seek to “eliminate oppression . . . respect the vulnerable and value the equal significance of people before God.” writes Elaine Storkey in a 2016 article for Christianity Today. She asserts, “Teachings throughout the Scriptures, not least in the prophetic tradition of the Hebrew Scriptures” reflect these objectives.

REMM, through the ministry of Casa Josef, has raised eight little girls into empowered young ladies. But, we didn’t do it alone. Many people extended a helping hand; truly believing these girls matter, even when all odds were against them.

Today is a day to celebrate not just our girls, but our best friends—all the men and women who have supported them along the way. Thank you!

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