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If you follow the REMM blog (and you should), you’ve been seeing my stories from #Lucaciuville, my parent’s home in Lovettsville, VA. In case some of you don’t know, Andrew & Christine Lucaciu, my brother and sister-in-law, along with their offspring, also call #Lucaciuville home. Yes, they’ve decided to keep it very Romanian and move in with the parents. After all, that’s how we grew up in Beius with Buna and Kuki. In exchange for free babysitting, the parents give a tiny piece of their soul to the in-laws. I’m totally kidding! Babysitting is never free . . . This month, my brother Andrew and his wife, Christine, celebrate eight years of marriage. Eight years of Christine still married my brother. Eight years that I’ve had a sister, friend, and the yin to my yang over at Huckle & Goose. She makes a list to keep track of all her lists, and her sixth sense is by way of Excel spreadsheets. But let’s not make this too sappy, friends. Instead, let’s recall how A) nobody ever thought Andrew would get married B) How could he love anyone as much as his hair (only makes sense if you know him) C) What if he had children?! Could the world handle it? More importantly, could he? All these points made us laugh and laugh through the years, however, not only did Andrew get married (to a shockingly lucid woman), he put my parenting #skillz to shame. I thought I already loved my brother (especially loved making fun of him) but when Lincoln came into the world, it’s like a new part of Andrew was born right alongside. Andrew would come home from work and always run straight to Linky. He’d bathe him, tell him about the world, and I’d watch and think, “Lincoln, you’re the luckiest kid on earth.” Now with his baby girl, Penny, Andrew is just a ball of mush. Sure, he tries hard to play the devil’s advocate on Facebook and challenges everyone about anything in history. But, to me, he’s just a softy . . . with really good hair. And now, I’m looking forward to Stage 3 for Andrew. He and Christine will be adopting a girl who will probably be my favorite person in the Lucaciu clan. Yes, folks, Lucaciuville is a big ol’ house filled with lots of love and even more food. Well, that’s it for me. Stay tuned for more #Lucaciuville stories. We have a ton of material after all! SaveSaveSave

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