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The Bridge Coffee House Renovation

When The Bridge first opened in 2004, it really was a one-of-a-kind coffee house for Beiuș. Not only did we not serve alcoholic drinks or allow smoking, it looked completely different.

Inspired by Panera bread, Whitney Forsyth (started out as a mission team member, and is now REMM family) painted a giant mural of stylized cookies and cupcakes with steaming cups of coffee. It spanned a whole wall, top to bottom, with booths cushioned right against it. While you enjoyed a piece of cake, you could stare at the wall and find new bit of art every time. The mural was colorful and cheery; with splashes of yellow, green, blue, and orange. The rest of the coffee house carried this theme with bright red and yellow walls and orange light fixtures.

Our recent renovation, completed in November, was drastic in comparison. The new design is modern and simple. Think scandinavian design: minimalist, clean lines, white walls, black panels, and blonde wood tables. All accented with Ikea light fixtures and touch of Romanian rustic.

If you’ve been to The Bridge before the renovation, see if you can recognize it now.

Mircea Branda took these photos. Thanks Mircea!


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