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Our History


Our History


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The Bridge was founded to be a funding bridge for our orphanage, Casa Josef, but also to serve as a spiritual bridge where churches, Christian youth, and visiting teams could gather and fellowship.


Because of its close proximity to the Beiuș Park and the well-known Beiuș piața (market place), The Bridge provides central access within the community for its outreach programs.


Local high schools are also close by which creates a great opportunity to reach out to the youth of Beiuș and provide them with a safe, Christian environment. Establishing The Bridge as a gathering place for youth gives us unique opportunities to share more about God's love and grace; living a Christ-centered life; and the joys that being a Christian can bring.


The upper floor of The Bridge building provides overflow housing for mission teams and can serve as a central location for their ministry while in Beiuș.
Our desire is for The Bridge to be an outreach to a variety of people within the local area, with its primary focus of spreading the gospel. (All proceeds from The Bridge support Casa Josef and REMM’s evangelism efforts).

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